This is the place where I'll put up versions of the Power Edge tools developed for my enTourage eDGe

All software on this page is expirimental, and even though I test it on my eDGE before putting it up here I'm not responsible if it kills your eDGe, your relationship or burns down your house.

PowerEdge is a tool to prevent you Edge from entering hibernation. This is accomplished by aquiring an WAKE_LOCK and holding it in a service which (at the moment) does nothing. I've been testing it since Christmas 2011 and it effectively prevents my eDGe from hibernating. Sometimes, when I have not yet determined what the cause is (I suspect it has to do with changing the powerstate of the device) it locks up, but not as bad as without the tool. Simply pressing the power off button for a couple of seconds shuts it down. And after that you can turn it back on again (no more removing the battery).

Features: Planned features: Download PowerEdge.apk